Zenkoku Ryukyu Kempo Senior Instructors


Over the years, I have seen many students come and go.  Some have stayed the course in their training and have gone on to excel in other areas of life.   Some, although no longer train, have taken their dojo experience and used it to excel in their own lives, as well.


As a teacher, for me, they are all my “students” and in that respect it is difficult to individualize or categorize them.  However, a few students have proven their strength and endurance in training and demonstrating their loyalty and respect; and for this I am extremely humbled and grateful. 


I am proud to call the following students my Senior Instructors:


  • Kyoshi Kenneth La Peters

  • Kyoshi Anthony Carnemolla

  • Renshi Donna Geraldi

  • Renshi Guido Bonelli

  • Renshi Joseph Billelo

  • Renshi Jim Calvaruso

  • Renshi Salvatore Cappellino

  • Renshi Keith Orlean

  • Shihan Vu Nguyen

  • Shihan Jesse Gulutz

  • Sensei Steven Kirshen

  • Sensei Ken Berlenbach

  • Sensei Glenn Warwick, Esq.

  • Sensei Kimberly Warwick

  • Sensei Raul Perez III

  • Sensei Cathy La Peters

  • Sensei Marco Ricardo

  • Sensei Greg Martin

  • Sensei David Ulrich

  • Sensei Stan Creel

  • Sensei Kristen Cubbedge

  • Sensei Joshua Escobar

  • Sensei Caleb Hensley