Zenkoku Ryukyu Kempo is an international organization established to preserve the original forms of Ryukyu Kempo passed down by Shigeru Nakamura, and  Seiyu Oyata.


Origin of Ryukyu Kempo

by Hanshi Albert O. Geraldi

Ryukyu Kempo is the original Chinese hand of Okinawa. The term "Ryukyu Kempo" is used to identify our system of Okinawan karate.


Over the past few decades, the art of Ryukyu Kempo has increased in popularity. This popularity, however, has resulted in the improper use of the term "Ryukyu Kempo" as a generic term, the same way the word "karate" is used.


The mistaken use of the term "Ryukyu Kempo" has developed from certain aspects of our art being marketed as a pressure point fighting system; this exploitation reveals a lack of understanding. Presently, some schools who claim to know our system of Ryukyu Kempo are simply misrepresenting themselves.        (continued)

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